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For a fraction of the price of moving house we can give you the space you need.


If more space is required you could consider joining the growing number of homeowners who are making use of their loft area. As well as increasing the size it also adds value to the property.


We pride ourselves on providing a professional service with our own fully trained, experienced and courteous tradesmen.


Loft conversions fall into one of four basic types, which type you decide to use for your loft conversion will depend on many factors such as the design of your existing roof, your budget, planning restrictions and your own personal preferences.


Velux and rooflight conversions are the same, this type of conversion is generally very cost effective and does not normally need planning permission.


A dormer is an extension to the existing roof, allowing for additional floor space and headroom within the loft conversion. In lofts that have limited space or headroom a dormer will provide additional space that can make a conversion feasible.


A mansard roof has two slopes, the lower slope is close to vertical at 72 degrees and the top section of the roof is almost horizontal. A mansard roof has the advantage of maximising the available space within your loft.


A hip to gable conversion involves making fairly major changes to the roof. As a general rule, houses with hip roofs tend to not have enough internal volume for a conversion to be practical so a hip to gable conversion is the best solution.


Look no further, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our office team on 0117 977 0993 or email for further information. 

In the meantime, why not explore the below graphics of our previous work:

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